School Values

Respect:  recognising differences in ability, race and religion.
Honesty:  truthfulness and open communication.
Caring:  caring for myself, others and the environment.
Responsibility:  willingness to be accountable for personal behaviour.
Tolerance:  accepting differences in ability, race and religion.
Friendliness:  building positive relationships with others.
Kindness:  treating myself and others fairly and equally.


We all need to live the school values in order to have a safe and happy school.


Behaviours that demonstrate our Values:

  • We speak kindly to each other.
  • We cooperate with each other.
  • We share and take turns.
  • We wear our school uniform proudly.
  • We arrive at school on time, ready for the day.
  • We consider others when moving around the school.
  • We are honest.
  • We take care of our school.

Everyone at CPPS has rights. 

Rights are things which we are entitled to expect.

At Cairnlea Park PS everyone has the right to:

  • Feel and be safe
  • Be respected
  • Be treated with kindness and fairness
  • Learn without interruption

Everyone at CPPS has responsibilities.
Responsibilities are things we need to do for ourselves and others.
At Cairnlea Park PS everyone has the responsibility to:

  • Accept the school values
  • Treat others with kindness and fairness
  • Set a good example
  • Work to the best of our ability