All students at Cairnlea Park Primary School participate in our Integrated Studies and Inquiry Based Learning programs.

Students participate in a range of units designed to provide rich and engaging learning opportunities covering many learning domains including English, Mathematics, Civics and Citizenship, Science, Health, Humanities, ICT and Design Technology.

Throughout the year each student will participate in a combination of both Integrated and Inquiry topics. Integrated Learning units are designed with the purpose of building knowledge and understanding of key concepts under the direction of staff. Inquiry Learning units have an emphasis on the development skills and processes required to discover knowledge for themselves. These critical skills enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

We encourage families to become involved in their child’s learning by asking them about the inquiry learning they’re doing at school. Often we find the whole family gets involved and that’s when the best learning happens!


“What I enjoy about Inquiry Based Learning is the experiments you get to do also, when we have incursions and get people from the community to speak to us. Learning how to research is fun because it helps me answer the questions I’ve been wondering.”

Grade 5 Student, Binh


“My favourite things about Inquiry Based Learning is that we get to learn teamwork, make new friends and get to do hands on learning. Inquiry is normally lots of fun because we do lots of projects and activities.”

Grade 5 Student, Isabel