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Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety

Speed Limits On Roads

Please remember that the speed limit on roads around the school is 40 kmh from 8:00 – 9:30am and 2:30 -4:00pm in Furlong Road and at all times in Carmody Drive and Shepperd Way. The police have advised that these limits will be strictly enforced around all schools.

Car Parking Around The School

The Traffic Officer from Brimbank Council met with me last week to remind the school community about restrictions around the school, including parking on nature strips. Please observe all parking signs when you park around the school. Be aware that the two car parks next to the disabled car park at the front of the school in Carmody Drive are 2 minute drop off parks from 8:00am to 9:00am. If you use these two parking spaces for long periods of time in that 1 hour window each morning you run the real risk of being fined by Brimbank Council.

For the safety of all our children, I ask everyone to follow the speed limits, the parking regulations and use the flagged School Crossings around the school.

Road Safety

Following on, when I am on yard duty after school I often observe unsafe practices around our school both by parents and students.

Roads and vehicles are an everyday part of life for all of us. Either as a driver, a passenger, or as a pedestrian, we all must negotiate the road traffic environment on a daily basis.

Children are especially vulnerable around vehicles and roads due to their size and capabilities.

Be aware of the opportunities to teach children to become safer road-users.

  • When walking with your children make sure you are using the school or pedestrian crossings rather than taking potentially unsafe shortcuts.
  • Talk about the importance of wearing seat belts and insist that everyone in the vehicle wears appropriate restraints for their age and size.
  • Point out rules of the road when driving.

Always demonstrate responsible and safe behaviours when driving, as a passenger or while walking anywhere around vehicles and roads.

Remember children learn good habits by modelling behaviour from adults.

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