School Uniform


  • Students dressed in school uniform gain a sense of belonging to the school.
  • The cost of providing school uniform is almost always cheaper than providing an assortment of casual clothes.
  • School uniform is designed to be practical for the range of activities undertaken at the school.
  • All students are required to wear uniform, reducing competition in fashion dressing.
  • All students, regardless of socio economic circumstance can feel equally part of the school community.
  • Staff and parents will have an important role in the positive encouragement of the wearing of school uniform


  • If a child is unable to wear school uniform on a particular day, parents should advise the class teacher in writing, indicating the reasons and likely duration.
  • Where there are frequent occurrences of a child being out of uniform, contact will be made with parents by the Principal/Assistant Principal to seek their support in ensuring the Uniform Policy will be adhered to.
  • Parents will be able to obtain the uniform from the school’s uniform supplier, the school’s preloved uniform stock or commercial outlets.
  • The Uniform Policy should be read in conjunction with the Sunsmart Policy.
  • The Uniform Policy will be published each year in the Family Information Booklet.
  • A parent/guardian may contact the principal requesting the student be exempted from wearing uniform, including reasons for seeking exemption. Eg. Health or religious reasons.
  • All students are required to wear the uniform as listed below:
ShirtsPolo shirt –short/long sleevePale blue or white
SkivvyPale blue or white
TopsWindcheaterRoyal blue with School Logo
Hooded WindcheaterRoyal blue with School Logo
Bomber JacketRoyal blue with School Logo
BottomsTrack pantsRoyal blue
Boot leg pantsRoyal blue
LeggingsWhite or black
Shorts/SkirtsRoyal blue
Long/short cargo or school pantsGrey
DressesSchool Summer DressColour 8160
Royal blue, white and gold check
Winter TunicStyle T001
Shoes and socksRunnersBlack or white
School shoes/bootsBlack
Sandals (toe enclosed)Black or white
SocksGrey, white
HatsLegionnaire/BucketRoyal blue
Polar Fleece Beanie
HairTied back if touching shoulders.Blue or white ribbons, bands or hair ties
Note: To assist in the prevention of the spread of head lice.
JewelleryStuds/sleepers only
Note: For health and safety reasons, these can be worn only in ears.
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