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2017 Online Booklist Ordering Information

This year Cairnlea Park Primary School will be offering the online ordering system for payment of the 2017 student book packs and essential educational items, with our stationery supplier Officemax.

Unfortunately, due to the Department of Education’s change in school’s funding, the school cannot bear the cost of student book packs and essential educational items that was offered in 2016, to parents who held a Healthcare or Pension card.

Therefore, ALL PARENTS will need to do online ordering for their child/ren’s 2017 book pack and essential educational items. We have managed however to keep the cost down to $150 for book pack and essential educational items which includes class materials, software and an incursion program.

Ordering can ONLY be made through the Officemax website. The online ordering system is much easier for parents with your child/ren’s book pack delivered by Australia Post to your home or nominated address. If you are not home, notification will be left by Australia Post to pick up your parcel from the post office. Also there will be no processing fee charged.

More detailed information of dates and procedure will be sent home to parents as well as being be posted on tiqbiz and in the newsletter. If you require any more information please contact myself or the administration staff.

Maree Bell

Business Manager

2015 School Council Elections

The 2015 School Council Election process will commence on Wednesday 18th February with the call for nominations.

Nomination forms for both Parent and DET employees will be available from the office as of Wednesday 18th February.

Nominations close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 25th February 2015.

Click here for further information about the election process and timeline.

I also wish to thank our retiring parent School Council members for their efforts and dedication to our school during their time on School Council, Simone Walters, Kim Bhatti Natajlia Nesvadba and Maria Kiselis. Their work has helped make our school the great place it is for children. I invite all parents to consider nominating for School Council and take an active role in their children’s education.

I invite all parents to consider nominating for School Council and take an active role in their children’s education.

AEU Stop Work Feb 14th

February 8th 2013

Australian Education Union Stopwork Action:  Thursday February 14th 2013. 

Dear parents and families,

On Thursday February 14th 2013, the Australian Education Union (AEU) has called on its members to stop work for 24 hours, a full school day.

Members of our teaching staff are participating in this action and as a consequence we will not be able to run a full program as normal for all our students.

Parents of children in the following classes are asked to make alternative arrangements for the care and supervision of their children on the day of the stopwork.


Prep LH:  Mrs Hein               Prep SC: Mrs Ciampa                        Prep LC: Ms Carpenzano

Prep EK: Ms Kemeridis         Prep DF: Ms Frost                 Prep SA: Ms Azzopardi

Prep JB:  Ms Brkovic

Grade 1:

Grade 1MH: Mr Hardy          Grade 1CC: Ms Crutchfield   Grade 1 JB: Mrs Boyton

Grade 1AK: Mrs Kitson        Grade 1KB: Ms Boyden        Grade 1 TD: Mrs deMan

Grade 2:

Grade 2MM: Ms Morrison   Grade 2DZ:  Ms Zahtila         Grade 2JW:  Mrs Wilson

Grade 2MH:  Mrs Hardinge   Grade 2MW:  Mr Williams    Grade 2ND:  Mrs Donnelly

Grade 2SF:  Ms Fitzpatrick

Grade 3:

Grade 3BR:  Ms Rae              Grade 3/4R:  Mrs Rogers

Grade 4:

Grade 4SD: Ms Desira           Grade 4LK: Ms Kretiuk         Grade 4BH:     Mrs Hamdan

Grade 4BR: Mr Runnalls        Grade 4KP: Mrs Pisano

Grade 5:

Grade 5AT: Ms Taranto        Grade 5MD:  Mrs Drozd       Grade 5TT:  Mr Torchia

Grade 5MF: Ms Flynn

Grade 6:

Grade 6 ML: Mr Lewis          Grade 6VZ:  Ms Zeneli

Other staff stopping work:

Ms Chellew, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Mills, Mrs McNamara, Mrs Connelly, Ms Leyland,

Mrs Kendall, Mr Narracott, Mrs Rose, Mr Mills, Mrs Garrity, Mrs Kieper


These classes should attend school as usual:  1RK; 3LA; 3NM; 3JF; 6DL; 6MB.


The school bus, as well as the school canteen, will also not be operating tomorrow.


Yours sincerely,


Glenn Knight,