Road and Car Park Safety

Road and Car Park Safety

With the holidays so close, once again I would like to remind everyone about the importance of staying safe and being seen on and around our roads and car parking areas.

Either as a driver, a passenger, or as a pedestrian, we all must negotiate the road traffic environment on a daily basis.

Children are especially vulnerable around vehicles and roads due to their size and capabilities. Take the opportunity to talk to your children to become safer road-users.

• When walking with your children make sure you are using the school or pedestrian crossings rather than taking potentially unsafe shortcuts.
• When walking through shopping centre car parks be very aware of the slow moving and reversing cars around. Try and stay on the footpaths provided rather than walking through the parking areas.

• Talk about the importance of wearing seat belts and insist that everyone in the vehicle wears

appropriate restraints for their age and size.

• Point out rules of the road when driving.

Always demonstrate responsible and safe behaviours when driving, as a passenger or while walking anywhere around vehicles and roads.

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