New Flagged Crossing

New Flagged Crossing

Over the summer holidays Brimbank Council have installed a children’s crossing on the south side of Shepperd Way. Currently this crossing is not manned by a crossing supervisor, however when the crossing is flagged all the same road rules apply.

I ask everyone to follow the road rules pertaining to flagged children’s crossing, 40kmh speed limits and parking regulations around the school.

Children are especially vulnerable around vehicles and roads due to their size and capabilities.

  • When walking with your children make sure you are using the school or pedestrian crossings rather than taking potentially unsafe shortcuts.
  • Talk with your children about the importance of stopping and looking both ways before you cross any road.

Always demonstrate responsible and safe behaviours when driving, as a passenger or while walking anywhere around vehicles and roads.

The school is in regular communication with Brimbank Council about making pedestrian crossings around the school safer for all users.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Brimbank Council agrees to provide a crossing supervisor for the new crossing.

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