Cairnlea Park Primary School
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Second Hand Uniforms

If you have any uniform items that your children have grown out of, please consider donating them to the second-hand uniform shop.
The items must be washed and clean & in good condition. Items can be handed in at the office.
All proceeds from the uniform shop are donated to State School Relief.
Thank you.

Second Hand Uniform Shop Hours
Thursday ONLY 8.40am – 9.00am

November … “It’s Not Great to Be Late” month

November is “It’s Not Great to Be Late” month …
Each day at CPPS we have a number of students arriving late to school, sometimes up to 30 minutes past the commencement time of 8.55! We acknowledge that getting children ready for school can be a difficult task, parking around the school can be horrendous, and weather plays a part, too. However, it is vitally important for your child to be at school before the music starts each day so that they can be settled, make important social connections, be organised for the day and feel relaxed.
Now that the weather is slowly improving, we ask that all families make a concerted effort in November to arrive at school well before the starting time of 8.55am, so that your child can play, feel organised, and be ready for the day ahead.
The grade with the fewest latecomers in the month of November will be rewarded with a casual clothes day in December JUST FOR THEM!!!! Please help your child to be ready for school by getting bags and uniforms organised the night before, parking away from the school and walking the last little bit, and developing a sense of punctuality in all aspects of their life.
We look forward to seeing everyone at school on time !!!!!!
Anne Mineo
Student Engagement Coordinator