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Top 5 Ideas for Raising Well Behaved Children

Top 5 Ideas for Raising Well Behaved Children

by Michael Grose

Children’s behaviour is impossible to ignore … particularly if it’s poor behaviour. Parents generally feel badly when their children behave poorly and family-life can be hard to enjoy when children continually act up or act out.

Generally, it’s the job of parents to make children social and safe. That means they need to teach children to behave well (most of the time) around others. Learning to behave well takes time for some children to learn, so you have to work harder with some children than others.

Effective parents understand that they need to be the ‘bad guy’ at times, and they have a range of strategies at their disposal to teach children to behave well.

Here are five practical ways to teach your children to behave well:

1. Teach good manners: manners are respect in action. They guide children into appropriate responses in social situations.

2. Catch children doing the right thing: most children want to please their parents, to make sure your face lights up and your voice gets excited when they’ve behaved well. Parental recognition is a high driver for most children!

3. Be a good role model: children learn what they live! Most social learning occurs through modelling, so make sure your children hear you speak and act in appropriate ways when you interact with them and others.

4. Practise social behaviours at home: want children to behave well in a restaurant? Then you need to practise social eating habits around the kitchen table. The same principle applies to a range of other social behaviours. Behaviour rehearsal, play acting or role playing have always been great ways of training children to behave well.

5. Use consequences when children behave poorly: the link between children’s rights and their social responsibilities is reinforced when parents put (or display a willingness to put) a respectful, reasonable and related consequence into action. Effective discipline techniques in modern schools revolve around consequential learning!

Education Week 2014

Education Week for 2014 is being celebrated from Monday 19th May to Friday 23rd May. An open morning will be held from 9.00am – 11.00am on Tuesday morning (20th May) and our annual Walkathon is being held on Wednesday afternoon (21st May) around Waterfield Park. Parents are quite welcome to attend and walk with their children. The walkathon is traditionally one of our major fundraisers for the year.

Life Education Van

The Life Education Van is visiting Cairnlea Park Primary from Friday 16th May to Monday 2nd June. All Prep through to Grade 5 classes will have a Life Education lesson in the van. These lessons will be followed up by teachers in the classroom. A parent information session will also be held by the Life Education Teacher on Wednesday 21st May at 2.20pm. Further details and a return slip for this can be found in the school newsletter (2014 Issue 7).

2014 Book Fair

2014 Book Fair – Opening Times – Library
Tuesday 29th April 3.30pm-4.00pm
Wednesday 30th April 8.30am-8.50am and 3.30pm-4.00pm
Thursday 1st May 8.30am-8.50am and 3.30pm-4.00pm
Friday 2nd May 9am-11am
Book Fair closes at 11.00am