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School Kids Bonus 2012 / EMA 2013

Parent Information re:

School Kids Bonus 2012 / Education Maintenance Allowance 2013

26th June 2012

Dear Parents

Parents in receipt of Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) in 2012.

These monies in 2012 have been paid as a school component and as a parent component.

These monies have allowed many of our families to pay for their school requisites and school books. (Total $127 in 2012.)

Families have also signed over Netbook payments, camps and excursions from their EMA.

There have been changes to the EMA for 2013. These monies will not be paid to schools.

Therefore parents will need to put aside some $127 from their EMA (in your bank account in early 2013) to pay school fees.

You will need to find the monies for:

  • Uniforms
  • Camps and excursions
  • Netbook payments

We have a number of suggestions:

  • You are paid monies from the School Kids Bonus (to be paid between 20th-29th June this year) see note below ($410 per primary school aged child)
  • You are also paid this bonus ($410) in two instalments in 2013
  • Parents are paid $200 for a Prep child starting school OR $150 for a child in Year 1-6 (EMA)

We encourage families to:

  • Pay netbook payments upfront
  • Pay School fees upfront for 2013
  • Make Camp payments upfront

Please help your child to have access to all that is required for their schooling in 2013.


Glenn Knight



EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance)

Families that have unallocated EMA will automatically have it allocated to school excursions and camps, unless parents notify the school office otherwise. Parents will receive a note on the permission form if the activity if fully or partially covered by EMA.

Parents that are eligible for 2nd Instalment EMA and did not receive the 1st instalment of EMA need to apply by 3rd August. Please obtain an application form from the office. DO NOT reapply if you have received the 1st Instalment of EMA.